European & American Crane Fly Larvae in Vancouver, Washington

Crane Fly – European & American Crane Fly larvae are a major problem in Vancouver, WA. We are seeing an abundance of adult Crane Fly (giant mosquito’s) and have seen the larvae hatched in a few of our client’s lawns. We anticipate a larger amount of hatchings in November/December. The larvae feed on grass roots, often causing severe damage. If you notice purplish discolored patches, irregular growth, distinctive thinning and/or unusually large numbers of birds feeding in your lawn now through December, you possibly have active Crane Fly larvae. We recommend our Crane Fly Larvae Control Program to our clients who have seen the adults in your lawn, had problems in the past and/or had a single Crane Fly application. This program consists of two applications applied from November thru March and costs the same as a regular lawn application. Timing is coordinated with our field observations so we can achieve the best control while the larvae are the smallest and causing the least amount of damage. If you had the Crane Fly Larvae Control Program last year, we will make sure you get the same quality service again this year. Contact our office to sign up for the program and/or receive a one-time Crane Fly application. The pictures are of Crane Fly larvae & Crane Fly larvae damage.