Proper fertilization of trees & shrubs is the most overlooked, and yet one of the most important aspects of a total plant health care program. The benefits of feeding your trees & shrubs in the fall include: increased root development, greater resistance to damage from severe cold and frost, greater ability to withstand storm damage and overallincreased hardiness.

We custom blend our fall fertilizer for our specific area, creating the ideal balance of nitrogen and micro-nutrients to provide your trees & shrubs with optimum nutrition for up to six months.

This custom blend is injected into the soil around your trees & shrubs by our highly trained applicators, making it readily available to the feeder roots of your plants.

Over the years, we have noticed a big difference in landscapes that are fertilized and those that are not. The general health, beauty and vigor of a properly fertilized landscape is easily discernible, it just looks better!

If you aren’t taking advantage of this important service, take a moment to call our office and get a quote.  Most of the time we can give you the price over the phone.

Give your trees & shrubs the feeding they need to remain healthy and beautiful all through the winter months.