Now that the rain is finally here it is a reminder that it is Fall. In our area that means the adult Crane Fly are actively laying eggs in the lawns.
So what does an adult Crane Fly look like? Very simply put, they look like a “giant mosquito.” You may notice them on the side of your house or flying around in the lawn. They generally prefer more shaded, well-irrigated turf, but can be found in
almost any lawn.
The adults do not damage to your lawn. But they are laying eggs now, and the resultant larvae that hatch in the winter, feed on the roots of your grass. These larvae can cause significant damage (distinctive thinning of the turf), and in large numbers, severe damage, to the point of destroying the turf. We have seen instances of unchecked Crane Fly larvae leaving nothing but dirt and tufts of undesirable native grasses where a nice, healthy lawn was before.
What can you do to protect your lawn? If you are already on our two-spray Crane Fly Control Program, then no worries! We will apply the proper pesticide at the proper time to control these larvae. If you are seeing large numbers of these adults now, just let us know and we can get your lawn on the Crane Fly Control Program as well.
If you are unsure if you are already on the crane fly control program, you can check online or call the office. Remember, Tuff Turf is here as a resource and a partner to you for all your landscape needs and concerns. Answering questions and providing solutions is what we are all about.