But why, you might ask, fertilize in the fall? Aren't my trees and shrubs going to be dormant over the winter?

The answer is yes, they do go dormant, but this dormancy is not a complete "shut down". Their metabolism, energy consumption and growth all slow down, but (and this is the key), they do not completely shut down.

By feeding your trees and shrubs in the fall, we are providing them with essential nutrients and micro-nutrients to carry them through the winter into spring. True, many of these nutrients are already in the soil, but the plants are unable to access them. We give em what they need, in a form they can readily use.

Nitrogen (not much and mostly slow release), phosphorus, potash, magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper and iron are all included, in exacting measure. This special blend is formulated specifically for our Northwest winters, providing your trees and shrubs with exactly what they need to thrive throughout our sometimes crazy winters.

The benefits of fall feeding include; increased root development, resistance to frost and freeze damage, improved general hardiness and a store of energy that is available if needed for prolonged winter weather.

So do your landscape a favor and get this service done! we have seen really amazing results in the trees and shrubs of our client's who take advantage of fall and spring feeding. See for yourself what a difference Tuff Turf can make.