I have noticed exceptionally large numbers of trees that are “dripping”. This is caused by aphid infestations in the trees, which produce honeydew, the messy sticky material that is dripping.

Not only are the aphids damaging your trees by feeding on them, when they are causing this dripping it is indicative of very high populations, causing more severe damage.

Besides being unsightly and annoying, the dripping honeydew causes other problems. It is sugary, which attracts ants, yellow jackets, wasps and other potentially dangerous and/or damaging insects.

The honeydew is also damaging to house and car paint and other, smaller trees and shrubs that get covered, often causing “sooty mold” and attracting scales and other plant damaging insects.

Fortunately there is an easy solution to the problem. Give Tuff Turf a call. We can do a single, systemic application that stops the aphids within 48 hours and last through the whole season. One call and aphids can be history.