My goodness, hasn’t it been a soggy past couple of months here in the Vancouver, Washington/Clark County/Portland, Oregon area!

In October, over 11 inches of measurable rain fell. The average for October in the Portland, Vancouver area is just over three.Measurable rain was recorded 28 out of 31 days, the most in 100 years!

Then we followed that up with almost 8.5 inches in November,with the average being just under 5 inches. On Thanksgiving alone, we were pounded with almost 2 inches of precipitation, an astonishing 5% of our average yearly total!

These past two soggy months have now accounted for almost half our average yearly rainfall total. And now we’re dealing with a cold, wet,snowy, icy, messy December to top of the year.

So, what does all this have to do with your lawn? Water damage. A lot of water damage (see photo). The most I’ve seen in my 20 plus years of working for Tuff Turf.

Water damage is the distinctive thinning in turf cause by excessive soil saturation that literally drowns the individual grass plants that form your lawn. Unfortunately, right now anyway, there isn’t much that can be done about correcting this over-saturation caused thinning. This type of damage can also be difficult to distinguish from the similar damage caused by active crane fly larvae.

Your applicator will check your lawn during your regular scheduled service to determine the cause of any damage to your turf they find.But, as we are only seeing your property every six to eight weeks, it’s important you let us know if you notice distinctive thinning in your lawn between visits and are not already on our crane fly control program.

This unusually high level of water damage also makes it super important to keep your lawn as healthy as possible over the Winter. Thin areas are the first to accumulate debris such as leaves, twigs, fir needles and bark washed out of beds, that, if not removed regularly, perpetuate the thinning.

These areas are also the first for moisture loving moss,weeds and invasive grasses to gain a foothold. Keeping your lawn properly fertilized, with our specially blended mix of nitrogen, with a high level of ferrous sulfate, will help with the moss and keep your exiting grass as healthy as possible through these wet, cold months.

As always, the season will turn and Spring will come around again. Be assured, we will be prepared to aid all our customers with practical,expert advice for dealing with any damage caused over the Winter.

From all of us at Tuff Turf to all our valued clients; Happy Holidays to all and to all a healthy landscape!