As you may have noticed, it's starting to warm up and spring is fast approaching. We have begun our fertilizer, weed & moss control lawn applications in Vancouver, Washington. 2-3 weeks after your lawn has been treated is the ideal time to thatch, aerate and overseed. Thatching removes the dead moss, winter debris and any residual snow mold damage from the turf. Aeration helps prepare the site for overseeding. Overseeding after thatching fills in the bare areas with healthy turf and helps prevent moss from reestablishing itself. If you are interested in these services, please contact our office. 
We are also doing our spring fertilizer injections for trees and shrubs at this time. This application physically injects our specially formulated slow release fertilizer into the shallow feeder roots of the trees and shrubs. This application will promote healthy new growth and increase the size and quantity of blooms in the flowering tree and shrubs. Your trees and shrubs are hungry after the long, cold winter so give them what they want! If you are interested in this service, please contact our office.