Spring is the ideal time to feed your trees and shrubs, especially any flowering varieties. Proper fertilization of trees and shrubs done in the spring helps increase their vitality, encourages healthy new growth (especially beneficial to plants that have been previously damaged by insects or disease), increases their ability to resist new insect and disease damage and increases flower production and fruit yield.

Spring fertilization is very important for azaleas and rhodedendrons damaged by lace bugs the past summer. Lace bug damage has become incredibly wide spread in the Clack County area, making pruning and fertilization of these specific plants extremely important.

We custom blend our spring fertilizer to provide the perfect balance of slow release nitrogen, micro-nutrients and various other necessary, hard to naturally obtain elements, giving your trees and shrubs up to six months of feeding.

We have developed this custom blend over many years, adjusting it as our climatic conditions demand. This ensures our clients are getting the best possible fertilization for their plants, based on their seasonal needs. Each season we re-evaluate our environmental conditions to determine the best blend possible for your plants nutritional needs.

We inject the fertilizer into the feeder root zone, four to six inches deep in the soil, where your plants can most efficiently take it up. This process also ensures the material stays where it needs to be to ensure long lasting benefits.

Let your landscape be its best. See just how much difference we can make in your plants health and beauty with our spring fertilization application.