Tuff Turf is a valuable resource in the Green Industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best
service possible. Our staff attended its first educational seminar of 2012 to network and learn better
ways to reach our goal to provide outstanding customer service and stay on top of things happening
in the Green Industry. The seminar was sponsored by Willber-Ellis, one of the leading suppliers of
landscape materials in the Pacific Northwest. We learned about a variety of new control materials,
equipment and techniques that will better help us meet the changing needs of our clients.

We also had the valuable opportunity to interact with other professionals in the Green Industry. This
allowed us to discuss new problems we are seeing in the field and how we are meeting the challenges of
the industry. We discussed what is and is not working and how we can improve our services.

Continuing education allows Tuff Turf to be a valuable resource to our clients. We are serious about
our commitment to customer service and believe continuing education is just one aspect of that