We're done with the snow, hopefully. Temperatures are starting to rise. The early blooming trees and shrubs are starting to produce flowers and the later bloomers aren't far behind. Everything in your landscape is waking up from winter and starting to grow again. Your landscape is hungry!

Now is the time to feed your trees and shrubs and we have the perfect solution. Our specially formulated Spring Fertilizer is custom blended by us, specifically for the needs of your local trees and shrubs. We combine just the right amount of quick release nitrogen to give your landscape plants the initial boost they need, with slow release nitrogen to keep on feeding them for up to six months. We also add a variety of micro-nutrients necessary for overall plant health.
We inject this fertilizer into the soil at a depth of four to six inches, were the shallow feeder roots of your trees and shrubs can easily take it up. The treated plants then translocate the material from the roots up into the leaves and flowers, producing healthy new grow and larger, more numerous blooms in flowering trees and shrubs.
This application is also a great aid in the disease control cycle. By promoting healthy new grow and increasing the vigor of your trees and shrubs, they are better able to resist diseases.
Spring Fertilizer Injection is one of the most important treatments for the overall health of landscaped plants. Call today to find out how to schedule this application; your trees and shrubs will thank you.