Funky looking brown spots? Uneven growth? Lawn looks bad even with extra watering? Tis the season for leaf spot fungus in the dreaded melting out phase. And our applicators are starting to see this bad boy in lawns from Camas-Washougal, into Vancouver and out into the surrounding areas of Ridgefield, Woodland and all points in between.

Leaf spot is a very common turf disease, found in our Clark County lawns year round. Normally it can be easily controlled with proper fertilization. However, when conditions are right, leaf spot progresses to the very destructive melting out phase.

Our cooler, wetter stretch of weather in mid June, followed by temperatures climbing into the 80s has created optimum condition for this menace to your lawn.

If you notice irregularly shaped, discolored patches in your lawn with small areas of green healthy grass in them (frog-eye), check your soil. Just dig in a couple inches with a knife or screw driver and see if the soil is moist. 

If the soil is moist, it is highly probable you have this disease.Stop watering and get the proper fungicide to stop any further damage.

Or better yet, call us and let Tuff Turf take care of the problem for you!

Check out our cool photos of this nasty disease