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Flowerbed Maintenance Program

Maintaining flowerbeds in the Clark County area is one of the most challenging services in our industry. The recent mild, wet winters and unusually hot, dry summers are hard on our landscapes while at the same time, ideal for weed development. Throw in our explosive land development, tearing up countless acres of weed filled pasture and woodlands, causing literally millions of various weed seeds to spread and become airborne and we have a recipe for flowerbed disaster.

At Tuff Turf, we have, through hard won experience, developed a comprehensive flowerbed maintenance program. This program consists of two pre-emergent applications per year, designed to create a chemical barrier that prevents most weed seeds from ever germinating. Properly applied pre-emergent applications are an effective tool, but have limitations. Unusually heavy rainfall, extended hot, dry periods and, most commonly, physical disturbance of the soil (new plantings in treated beds, raking out leaves and debris, edging turf along beds, radiant heat from curbing and sidewalks, pet and wildlife traffic, etc.) all contribute to “breaking” this chemical barrier. 

To compensate for these factors, our program includes
four “spot sprays” per year, two between each pre-emergent application. A thorough inspection of your beds by our applicators, who carefully sprays any visible weeds during each visit, ensures your beds will look the very best they possibly can year-round.

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11408 Ne Rosewood Ave, Ste G, Vancouver, WA 98662

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