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Our Tree & Shrub Care Program consists of nine applications per year plus spring and fall fertilizer injections. Each treatment is specifically designed to treat the most prevalent problems we see in Clark County based on over 38 years of local experience.

We make sure our application timing and control materials are properly suited for the ever-changing conditions. This approach ensures your trees & shrubs are getting exactly what they need at exactly the right times. Tuff Turf is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Berkmann's Blight

This host specific disease affects Arborvitae, Cypress and various Cedars. It causes sever foliage dieback and must be treated with a three-spray special program. Combined with our foliar fertilizer, we have had great success managing this very persistent disease.

During every application your tree & shrub expert technician will be making observations and communicate any concerns or recommendations.


ROUND 1: Dormant oil
ROUND 2: Disease Control
ROUND 3: Broad Spectrum Disease Control
ROUND 4: Broad Spectrum Disease & Insect Control
ROUND 5: Broad Spectrum Disease, Insect and Mite Control
ROUND 6: Insect, Root Weevil & Mite Control
ROUND 7: Insect, Root Weevil & Mite Control
ROUND 8: Insect, Root Weevil & Mite Control
ROUND 9: Insect, Root Weevil & Mite Control


Fertilizer Injection

Our experts custom blend our fertilizer with just the right balance of quick and slow release nitrogen, phosphorous, potash and vital micro-nutrients to provide up to six months of continuous nutrition. The spring blend invigorates your trees & shrubs, providing healthy new growth, increases blooms and promotes better color. The fall blend, designed for the fall through winter months, is blended to increase root development, provides resistance to frost and drought and promotes the hardiness of your plants.

This is accomplished by directly injecting our special fertilizer formula into the feeder root zone located in the upper six inches of the soil. We use a specifically designed injection rod to provide exactly the right amount of fertilizer right where it needs to be.

This program will help ensure your trees & shrubs remain healthy, disease and insect free year round.

Each treatment is specifically designed to treat the most prevalent problems we see in Clark County based on over 36 years of local experience.

Disease Control

We offer an excellent, basic disease control program, consisting of five applications (Rounds 1 through 5). This program provides control of a wide variety of common tree and shrub diseases, as well as good early season insect control. We also provide an extensive variety of more specialized disease control programs listed on this page.

Insect Control

Our late-season insect control program consists of Round 1 (Winter Dormant, a very important application for insect and disease control) and Rounds 5-9. This program targets the pests that are active in the hotter, drier Summer and Early Fall, including spider mites, root weevil, aphids, cutworm, and a wide variety of other destructive insects.

Nuisance Fruit Reduction

We can provide a one-time application in the early Spring that will dramatically reduce the amount of fruit a tree produces. This is good for the elimination of messy, unwanted fruit in several types of trees.



Soil Injection/Aphid Control

This eliminates the sticky ‘dripping' caused by infestation and eliminates damage to your valuable trees. We apply control material in a pre-determined pattern directly into the soil around trees such as Birch, Maple and Tulip. The tree translocates the material into its foliage providing season long control of aphids and leaf miners.



Foliar Fertilizer

Tuff Turf offers this unique service for specialized situations. The Foliar Fertilizer is a carefully blended fertilization applied directly to the foliage. This allows treatment to specific ‘problem' trees & shrubs that may make root fertilization impractical or even impossible. The benefits in items such as Arborvitae, Cypress and Photinia have been nothing short of spectacular. If your landscape has these sort of special needs, Tuff Turf is your answer.



Direct Injection System

This amazing tool allows us to control destructive pests, stop devastating diseases, manage tree growth, reduce fruiting and seeding and enhance tree health by directly injecting material into specific trees.

By directly injecting control measures we…

  • get uniform uptake of material with no coverage concerns as spray can sometimes cause

  • no exposure from drift or run-off to the applicator or the environment

  • the ability to treat certain ‘problem' trees where spraying is impossible

  • control for certain insects or diseases with just one treatment per year, saving you money

While applications are limited to specific types of trees, disease and insects, new products and applications are being developed each year. You can trust Tuff Turf to be at the cutting edge of this new technology as we continue to offer better ways to meet your needs.



Specialized Disease & Insect Control



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Basal Bark Fungicide

This application is a specialized fungicide, targeting specific foliar diseases such as anthracnose and Leaf Spot in trees such as sycamores, dogwoods and aspens. It is applied directly to the truck of the affected trees, once in early March, and again approximately eight weeks later, thus providing season long disease control.

Juniper Blight

As the name indicates, Juniper Blight causes severe dieback of juniper foliage. It is treated with a special three-spray program. Pruning out the diseased foliage as it appears is vital to the control process. Our foliar fertilization is also very beneficial, stimulating healthy new growth to replace pruned out diseased foliage.

Lace Bug Control

One soil drench application will provide season long control of lace bugs in your azaleas and rhododendrons. Lace bug infestation has become one of the most common landscape problems in Clark County. Multiple generations of lace bugs are produced from early spring through later summer, making our soil drench the best, longest lasting solution to your lace bug problem.

Bacterial Blight

This type of disease affects specific trees such as cherries, prunes and plums and causes cankers, twig & limb dieback and oozing sap (gummosis). We have two special sprays, which provide good control when combined with our regular program.

Root Rot

Root rot disease has many types, some are treatable and some are not. It is very important to have our experts determine if your problem can be treated. If yours is treatable we provide a spring and fall fungicide drench. Foliar fertilization is highly recommended as it avoids applying fertilizer in the root zone, which can actually make some root rot worse.


These insects, such as the Cedar Flathead Borer and Bronze Birch Borer, are becoming a growing problem in our area. We are observing a large increase in dead and dieing trees caused by this devastating pest. Whole limbs will die back causing decline in the infested tree. Prevention is much more feasible than ‘curing' an infested tree. Because treatment is very difficult, it is vital to have one of our experts examine the problem and determine the proper course of action.

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