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Proper pruning is an important part of a comprehensive landscape maintenance program. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your landscape, it also increases your property value, improves plant resistance to disease, insect and storm damage, increases security by eliminating potential hiding places for prowlers and can even help reduce your carbon footprint.

Tuff Turf offers a wide variety of pruning options, from maintenance pruning, designed to keep all your trees and shrubs exactly the way you like them year after year, to fine detail, meticulous pruning of your most prized trees and shrubs, to basic containment pruning to remove foliage blocking sidewalks, windows and gutters.

Our lead arborist and plant health care specialist Jim heads up our pruning operations. Jim has over 20 years of field experience, and takes tremendous pride in every pruning we do. From the largest landscape to a single tree, Jim will make sure your job is done right.

We work with our clients to evaluate their landscape and determine what needs to be done. We offer suggestions and advise, but in the end, you determine exactly what you want and we make sure you get it. Done right, the first time, every time.

Once the job is done, the only thing left behind is your beautiful landscape. We remove all debris and recycle it into beneficial mulch.


Types of Pruning:

*Maintenance pruning: our most popular service, designed to maintain the height, shape and size of trees and shrubs. This includes proper thinning to increase light penetration and air movement which increases insect and disease resistance. Removal of any dead, diseased or weak limbs and removal of any dropped leaves in the pruning area which also aids in disease resistance. Most of our clients use this type of pruning on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.

*Fine Detail Pruning: as the name indicates, this pruning is done for the most delicate specialty trees and shrubs, usually focal points in the landscape. This type of pruning requires very meticulous, hand tools only, work. It is critical to do this work correctly, at the proper time of year, to avoid damaging these valuable trees and shrubs. 

*Corrective Pruning: this pruning is designed to “fix” trees and shrubs that have been poorly pruned in the past, or have suffered physical damage from snow, ice, wind etc.

*Containment Pruning: designed to remove “nuisance” limbs and branches that hang over roofs and gutters, block paths and sidewalks or crowd other trees and shrubs.

*Lift Pruning: remove lower limbs from trees to provide clearance, improve view or facilitate access for mowing.

Please Note: Tuff Turf does not provide pruning services that require climbing. We have purposely chosen to avoid this type of potentially dangerous pruning. Therefore, except for Lift Pruning, we do not prune large trees that would require climbing.

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11408 Ne Rosewood Ave, Ste G, Vancouver, WA 98662

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