Our lawn has never looked so green and healthy. We get compliments all the time from our neighbors. Tuff Turf does outstanding work and I am glad we use their service.
I think you are an awesome company!!!
--P. Mattox
I was spending as much as $500 per year doing it (my lawn) myself and it never looked any better. With Tuff Turf we've gotten great results.
We looked at a property to list a while back that had the most beautiful, green lawn. We asked the owner how they did it and they said "Tuff Turf".
I am very pleased with the EXCELLENT SERVICE.
--Mr. Hefflinger
Thank you for all you do throughout the year.
--Fondly,H. Foster
Thank you so much for picking up the branches off our lawn. Your kindness was appreciated and not expected at all. It really made our day.
--Thanks Kysars
Tuff Turf did a great job on my field spray. It was the best money I've ever spent.
Tuff Turf does a wonderful job! Our grass looks great & our flowerbeds are not getting new weeds!
On behalf of Fort Vancouver Little League, I would like to thank you for your generous support. Your sponsorships and contributions are very much appreciated by the league, the players and their families, and everyone who enjoys our nice park
-- A. Pugsley

The two of us would like to thank you for the tickets to the Timbers game. We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves fully. We also thank you for the wonderful plant service.
--Paul and Blake
Tuff Turf is the best! We are very pleased with the service. We truly wish we found them years before we did.
I really like the flyer's and notes Tuff Turf leaves and being able to ask 'silly questions' without being made to feel foolish. My lawn looks great and I really like their willingness to provide tips and information.
My lawn looks so nice compared to others in my neighborhood. It weathered the winter freeze very well. Thank you for my beautiful lawn.
Thank you for pruning the trees, they look wonderful.
'I have always been satisfied with the service, never looked elsewhere in 25 years.
I'm well pleased with Tuff Turf and I look forward to talking with you soon. A very, very satisfied customer.
We appreciate Tuff Turf's hard work. Our lawn looks so good. I just love March grass. Tuff Turf has the best employees; we appreciate their honesty.
Wanted to say THANK YOU!! Since Tuff Turf has been treating my trees. I look like I have new trees. I am grateful. I have told my daughter to get Tuff Turf to do your trees.
--Thank you, L. Peterman
I would like to express our gratitude to Jim and Casey for a job well done in the landscape clean up job they did for us. I also would like to thank Jim for putting me in touch with A Cut Above Lawn Service. They do a great job for us and are very pleasant to work with.
Thank you for the wonderful pruning job! Looks great Jim!
Scott Friedrich is very, very, very professional and is extremely happy with your service.
--Mr. & Mrs. Young of Vancouver
We want to thank you for your excellent service. From the beginning to the end, all was very satisfactory. We really appreciate the continuous communication of the office staff, setting up the date and the calls to let us know the arrival time. The men who aerated our lawn were courteous and professional and did a very thorough job. It was a pleasure dealing with all of you.
Jim and Bruce did a fabulous job laying bark at my home. If I had any friends, I would refer them to your company.
We are very pleased with Tuff Turf's outstanding service. Our lawn is the best looking one in the entire Association. We tell all our friends and neighbors about you. Thank you for doing such an excellent job!
Just wanted to say THANKS and comment on how courteous and professional he and his helper were. They did a wonderful job.
--Thank you, K. Hibbs
I would like to thank Jim for the great job he did in pruning our arbs while we were out of town. It is much appreciated.
Thank you so much for the advice. I appreciate that effort very much, especially since you do not service my area and really did not have to. It is rare to see that level of customer service, and managing a customer service organization myself, I have to say it is very much appreciated. That is the kind of service that not only satisfies customers, but gets people talking, in a positive way. And we all know that is the best and cheapest kind of advertising. So thank you again, and keep up the great work.
Last year I became a Tuff Turf costumer. I have been pleased with the services I have received. The technician who came to my home to do the bid was professional, personal, and helpful. The technicians who do the work are the same. However, the main reason that I chose your company is the first conversation I had with Keely. Keely's enthusiasm and her knowledge made me feel comfortable in progressing with the process to choose Tuff Turf. Each time I talk with her, I hear the same things. I can tell that she believes in your company, and because of that I do too. Keely is the perfect person to be the first voice of Tuff Turf. She deserves credit for her manner and her ability to be professional and personal at the same time. Thanks, Keely!
Thanks for the follow-up visit and the thorough email. I appreciate the information, advice, and review. I understand your observations and opinion. I’ll follow-up with Frontier about pruning and let you guys keep moving forward with the bug treatment for the plants and trees. (I do know that you’ve made a difference there.)

Your attention to my concern has turned a frustration into appreciation. Thanks again.
I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all the work you do for us at our fields. Words aren’t enough but that is all I have right now.

--D. Wallis
They did a WONDERFUL JOB pruning!!! Thank you!
--Peggy King
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