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Lawn Services
Lawn - Lawning in Vancouver, WA
We have perfected a seven application program specifically designed for the Clark County area with six to eight weeks between applications. Each application is formulated to provide your lawn exactly what it needs at exactly the right time. Our Lawn Care Program has evolved with the unique conditions of our local area and with over 36 years of local experience. Coupled with core aeration and a lime application, we have a comprehensive program that sets the industry standard. This comprehensive program will ensure your lawn remains healthy, green and weed free year round.
During every application our expert technician will do a careful evaluation of your lawn and communicate any concerns or recommendations. We will continue to adjust as needed to meet the challenge of our ever-changing environment.
ROUND 1: Slow Release Fertilization
ROUND 2: Slow Release Fertilization, Weed Control and Moss Control
ROUND 3: Slow Release Fertilization and Weed Control
ROUND 4: Slow Release Granular Fertilization
ROUND 5: Slow Release Fertilization and Weed Control
ROUND 6: Slow Release Fertilization
ROUND 7: Slow Release Fertilization and Moss Control
Core Aeration
Core aeration is the mechanical process of pulling finger sized plugs, about 3 inches long, from the lawn. The resulting holes allow air, water and nutrients to more easily penetrate to the root zone, stimulating new crown growth and root development. The process also aids in thatch reduction and reduction of soil compaction and is an ideal service to have done prior to any over seeding or reseeding. We generally do aerations in the Spring and/or Fall. Bi-yearly aeration is occasionally recommended for problematic soil conditions, turf damage or reseeding requirements.
Lime Application
Lime corrects soil PH (sweetens the soil), improves turf color, helps with disease resistance and inhibits moss development. It also increases root development and increases microbial activity in the soil. A lime application is recommended once a year.
Disease Control
We are experts at diagnosing and treating all types of turf diseases. We will figure out what is causing the damage in your lawn and provide the proper fungicide and advice to correct the problem.
Insect Control
Again, we are trained experts at diagnosing and treating all types of turf insect infestations. From crane fly larvae, to bill bugs, to cutworms and many other newer problem insects, we have the knowledge and materials to control anything that is damaging your lawn.